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Vienna Lit is a literary society whose aim it is to increase the popularity of English language literature in Austria.

Vienna Lit organised two major literary festivals in 2006 and 2008 and has been curating and supporting readings, performances, workshops, authors’ tours, competitions, and projects in schools, in various locations in Vienna ever since.

Our English-language book group has been running successfully since 2005.

One premise of The Book of Joan is that the 21st century, for all its technological advances, has returned us to pre-modern levels of brutality and strife. There are children fighting once again; there are religious crusades; land is seized at will. Yuknavitch takes three real people from medieval France and reimagines them in a post-apocalyptic future. They are the romance poet Jean de Meun (author of part of The Romance of the Rose), his poetical adversary the proto-feminist writer Christine de Pizan, described by Simone de Beauvoir as the first woman to “take up her pen in defence of her sex”, and the girl warrior with apparently magical powers, Joan of Arc. …An ambitious examination of gender, semiotics and warfare…  moving and compelling.10th anniversary book worm cake

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