vienna views

Over the winter months 2005/06 Vienna Lit encouraged people who have come to Vienna from different cultural backgrounds to write about their experiences and their relationship with the city and the Viennese. We have collected these original prose and poetry contributions in English for our anthology Vienna Views, which demonstrate views of Vienna that shed a new light on the city and challenge what Austrians are perhaps taking for granted.

Our brief was to write autobiographical texts about a special place, a memorable encounter, a strange incident, or whatever else Vienna meant to the author. Entries could be enthusiastic or critical, amusing, sad, or shocking, but they ought to present the writers’ personal relationship with the city.
The 20 most interesting texts made it into the anthology Vienna Views, which was published by Luftschacht in 2006.

Vienna Views is now out of print -- the remaining copies can be ordered directly via office@viennalit.at.